Summary of the dev stream for those who missed it

Character balance:

•No Warden comments.

•Warlord and Conqueror might possibly see some small nerfs to their 1v1 prowess. They're "a little too good" in duels right now.

•They want to observe how PK win rate stabilizes after they get their bleed fix and other tweaks, before any more PK balance changes.

•Raider and Lawbringer have bad duel win rates but excellent 4v4 win rates; they want to buff their 1v1 prowess but they don't want to be hasty and risk making them overpowered in 4v4s. They are aware that Lawbringers get most of their kills through the environment.

Overall, they want characters to fall within a 45%-55% win rate gap. Lawbringer/Raider and Conqureror/Warlord are skirting a little close to those edges, respectively. Pre-buff Valkyrie apparently had a 36% winrate, unless I misheard this.

They do track winrates separately across gamemodes, however, as evidenced by them being aware that certain characters suck in one mode and are great in another.

They're also aware defensive play is too strong right now and are looking into a solution.

Gear stats:

•They're looking into Revenge-related stats and are aware the community feels these make the game more about numbers and less about skill, which they do not want.

•Debuff Resistance making normally uncounterable guard breaks counterable is confirmed a "bug" and "exploit" and will be fixed. You may wish to hold off on burning steel on that helmet.

Faction War:

•They're still considering it somewhat experimental and are looking into player feedback, such as (possibly) making turns other than the final turn matter somehow.


•One reason for reduced connection stability after the beta is an unexpectedly large increase in "ragequitters" (direct quote) taxing their system. They're considering a leaver penalty in the long run, but nothing is set in stone yet.

If I missed something important, please feel free to add onto this in comments.

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