Suggestions to make a great game amazing

I enjoy the game a lot but on my second play through I have been doing it more like a hardcore mode on extreme and it is very fun.

  1. Ammo is to easy to find, it's never really a worry. Maybe remove ammo boxes everywhere except safe houses so when you're in the field the only ammo you receive is what you can pick up.

  2. You never have a need to utilize your pistol, if ammo was more rare, your pistol would become necessary and valuable.

  3. Changing weapons is to easy, I can change from an assault rifle/sniper combo to an LMG/shotgun combo mid-mission. Once again, safe houses could be a place to restock and change weapons, but once in the field you're stuck with what you have. Unless you'd like to pick up weapons dropped on the floor from enemies.

  4. The hardcore way I have been playing,I have stopped fast traveling as well as stopped using any rebel support, including vehicle drop off. This forces me to explore the map more. Instead of just fast traveling right next to the mission, I have to drive there in a car I found, I can't just call in a helicopter, I need to find one and when you do they are worth more. (The no fast travel only works the way I am playing through because I'm moving from Provence to connected provences only and working through the map region by region)

  5. The last thing would be if we could only remove enemy markers from above their head but keep the other markers, I know you can remove all markers but that makes missions a little frustrating because it is hard to find objectives

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