Suggestions: “stat-based entry criteria”

The reason I want to adress this ia because you have managed to createa game with a decent community. I actually enjoy meeting people quite often. This is a key aspect of the game, and should be maintained imo!

One problem I've experienced uite a lot a is that trolls and idiots (people who dont know how to play, and who doesnt seem interested in learning). Seeing as this game is so based on teamwork and communication, it makes ir very hard to enjoy when trolls infiltrate your boat. I'm not sure if there are any statbased ranks etc in the making, but I would have loved to be able to select some kind of "more or less serious players" option for my server. Seeing as the current rank system can be achieved by just playing enough I dont think it would necessarily reflect skill or trolling. Some of my ideas of a stat based criteria: Last 10 matches…. … kill below x. …..average score above x (not mainly to allow great players only, but to exclude those who are just running around fucking up.) ……without being kicked x times or more. Or maybe some commending system could work?

Anyone experienced this and have any thoughts about it?

EDIT: added explanation of «stat based criteria» and short intro.

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