[Suggestions] Capture the Booty – Meta

I played a lot of Ctb this weekend and I noticed some recurring issues with respect to the meta. Specifically, teams were generally leaving a few soldiers on booty island to camp out and wait for their team or the other team to capture the booty. The booty would then instantly respawn and they'd be in possession of it on the roof of the turret and would be very difficult to displace. I personally saw 3 guys on the top and middle of the tower hold out until both of their sunken ships had time to get back into the fight.

The only way to counter that advantage was to leave your own landing party and hope they win the battle. If this is intended, fine…but I think some tweaks should be made for balance.

I would like to see more options for entering and climbing the turret so that it's not so easy to camp. A few outside staircases might do it.

Another option is to create a 2-3 minute time limit to be on booty island when the booty is not within a close proximity. I think this would create awesome races back to booty island after a point was scored. You'd still have your land battles but they'd be a lot bigger and would be more evenly matched, or at least the advantage would be driven by the sea battles before and after the previous capture.

Anyway, food for thought. Loving this game and the new play mode!

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