[Suggestion/Discussion] Reworking of the “Guild” Structure

I am playing the game on a server that is has a high level of RP happening and it got me thinking that it might be a great feature to have more than just Clans.

Basically what i was thinking is almost like the Tiers we have with temples and buildings components have the same with the groups.

Tier 1: "TRIBE" *1.) Tribes are made up of 2-5 people. The tribe would be a "Family" *2.) Tribal ranking would be simpler or perhaps nonexistent than the Current Clan system as the Tribe tier is designed more like a characters "Family" vs "Co-Workers" *3.) Colors and Symbol are designed and chosen by the Tribe Chief (in game system similar to the Guild Tabard system used in a WoW) *4.) Tribe Colors and Symbol can be displayed using the Tribe Menu. A simple on/off clickable would be in the Tribe menu for Character Models, Banners, Flags etc. Chief chooses if Tribe members can turn on/off cosmetics for any or all “placeables”. *5.) The Tribes name would be effectively be your characters Surname and displayed as such following the chosen name at creation. (Example: Character name at Creation = Connor. Connor and friends make a Tribe. The Tribe is called McCloud. As soon as Connor makes his Tribe and friends join it when you see Connor or any of his tribe running around the map instead of seeing Connor . You would See : Connor McCloud)

Tier 2:"CLAN” *1.)Clans are made up of 2-5 Tribes. This would be other tribes you have chosen to Ally with in game. The Clan is made up by the Chiefs of the Tribes, though all members affiliated would be displayed and known by the Clan. *2.)The Clan Leader will set ranks and titles for the Clan, all privileges and restrictions for the tribes themselves. *3.)Tribes in a Clan can build in same locations and share resources. The Clan Leader can give permissions to those who can build and craft for the clan as well as determine who has access to Boxes and Crafting Benches. *4.)The Clan Name will Displayed under Characters name. (Example:) Connor McCloud

TIER 3: “TRIBUNAL” *1.) A Tribunal would be made up of 2-5 Clans. The Tribunal would work like a Senate or a Ruling Body of all members within the 3 Tiers. The Tribunal would be made up of the Clan Leaders only, though all members affiliated would be displayed and known by the Tribunal. *2.) The Tribunal Leaders customization will be nearly identical to that of the Clan Leaders. Each Tribunal will be able to determine the Name of each Rank in the Tribunal (ie. Senators and Ceasar, or President and Vice President, etc) *3.) The Tribunal can share land and resources. Tribunal Leader can give permissions to those who can build and craft in the name of the Tribunal as well as determine who has access to Boxes and Crafting Benches. *4.) The Rank and Title given by the Tribunal would be displayed above the Characters Name. (Example:) King of The Scots Connor McCloud

Why I think this would be a great system to bring into Conan Exiles is that it would allow for more dynamic and interesting inter personal opportunities for servers. From the RPers who use it to work together in a civil way until they choose they have been wronged to the PvPers that choose to make alliances against others to be able to organize better, that Lead to the Ultimate Clan War. Sharing Lands and Resources can make for a much robust game for PVE, PVP and RPers alike. It allows for things as simple as two groups to make simple trade deal. Where they can build a structure shared between them with a few boxes. Each Tribe being able to deposit the agreed upon resource in the Box and avoid contact all together. It can also lead to much grander things such as Full service Trade outposts where players bring crafted items to share with others. A trade District could even lead to special recipes for those people who choose to spend their time crafting cosmetic items or even to a Craft specialization such as Woodworker which would reduce the cost and/or time to make all things Wood. These districts could even allow those people to train others to become more efficient by creating and sharing their special Recipes with other in the Trade District. Quest based recipes could be added for people to sell at these districts. These three tiers can give players excellent opportunity to play political based games. Using subterfuge to blackmail and take down other political rivals. The smaller Tribes and/or Clans who are vying for more power within a Tribunal can seek to use their obscurity to attempt to destroy rival clans to earn acceptance into a tribunal. Honestly something like this could lead to so much. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.


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