Just one thing I think would be very useful for admins to have the ability to do:

Set destructibility by item type or specific item.

This would allow server admins to disallow destruction of say, crafting stations, or beds, etc etc.

It would really help with servers who want to combat griefers.

Also, as I understand it, server admins don't have access to any real logs of any sort that would allow them to find out who destroyed/attacked what, who killed who, etc etc.

This has resulted in a lot of server admins having to have bizarre rules like recording every raid to prove you didn't do something against the server rules, etc.

As you can imagine this is very easy to circumvent.

I know the internet loves the whole FFA no holds barred anything goes type of PVP, but the average player doesn't. It just lends itself too much to griefers. Now, I'm no saying that type of play shouldn't exist, but we need to give server admins the requisite tools to set up the servers how they want.

I know Funcom is panicking about decreasing playerbase, and from the discussion I've had with server admins, it's mainly being generated by people quitting due to hacks and griefers. There's nothing like spending 100's of man hours with your clan building and creating an awesome base defense setup, only to have it circumvented by some kind of hack, etc.

Anyways I know they're working on it, but just thought I'd put my 2 cents out there.

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