[Suggestion] Yet another Avatar fix suggestion(s)

Seen a lot of ideas here over the past few weeks and just wanted to give my seven cents about how I think the Avatar system should work.

1) A Clan/Solo should only be able to summon one Avatar every X days, summoning an Avatar starts a cooldown until the next Avatar can be summoned.

2) Avatars should have tiers, with the current Avatars being a top tier summon and their resources adjusted. A lower tier Avatar should be added that focuses on damaging players and high-end monsters.

3) Obviously, the Avatars need a balance to make them at least semi-equal in usefulness.

4) Going along with number one, if a Clan summon an Avatar for one god, the cooldown for the other god's Avatars should be double.

5) An Anti-Avatar should be added to the game, this Avatar when summoned will last X days and be largely invisible unless actively defending. Its sole purpose is to battle an attacking Avatar. The cooldown on summoning an Anti-Avatar should be 1/2 that or normal Avatars.

6) There needs to be a player crafted siege weapon specially ment to damage Avatars.

7)When we do get sorrcery there should be high end spells that either buff or debuff Avatars.

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