[Suggestion] Weapons are shown in sheathes when not equipped.

Don't know if there has been a suggestion about this yet(if there has, let me know and I'll remove this Post).

I was overhearing a discussion between my Templars, and as Grandmaster, I decided to speak out about this idea/suggestion.

My Brothers would love to have their Sabres' sheathed on their waists, their Shields holstered on their backs and of course their War-Hammers hooked around their shoulders.

A certain way this could work, is if there was a specific slot with a twin function, acting as an aesthetic slot and a slot to allow a place for all weapon styles.

This twin function slot would allow for a One-Handed Sword(or any One-Handed Weapon) to take up half of, say, a "bar" along with the Shield taking the other half of the "bar". (Best I can come up with. This "bar" would look like like exactly as it sounds.)

A Two-Handed Weapon would take up this "bar" completely, only allowing it to be shown aesthetically.

Our Order does not use any sort of Ranged Weaponry, as it's considered cowardly to be used in any combat, so I wouldn't have a clue.

Hopefully it's not just us, but who else agrees on the idea of weapons being visible without actually using them in a combat stance?

Glory and Justice for our Father; Mitra the Arbitrator.

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