[Suggestion] Thrall Stations for Basic Resources

Hey everyone!

I've been loving Conan Exiles since day one and have built my fair share of buildings, solo and teamed. One thing I would love to see is Thralls gathering some of the basic resources for me. Such as Stone, Wood, Iron Ore, Coal, Fiber, Bark and so on. I've read in multiple places that Funcom does not plan to allow Thralls to roam the world, this would mean that they wouldn't be able to harvest these resources from the natural places we would harvest from ourselves. So I started thinking, what if Funcom introduces certain stations, for example:

  • Stone Mine – Large building that can be manned by a Thrall (maybe multiple?), requires food to be turned on.
  • Coal Mine — Same as above
  • Iron Ore Mine — Same as above
  • Fiber Farm – Large patch of land that'll allow the Thrall to farm Fiber, requires food and maybe fertilizer to be turned on.

For wood I'm open to suggestions as trees often take a long time to grow. Also wood was one of the resources I didn't mind harvesting that much as it was in abundance in most places.

These stations should, in my opinion, take quite some resources, maybe even T2/T3 resources. Or they could be in different variations like the Wheel of Pain, different from size and manned people.

Let me know what you guys think!

EDIT: These stations should only be there for the basic resources, not for the harder to get ingredients such as Demon Blood, Gossamer etcetera.

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