[Suggestion] Thrall Behavior Patterns

Now, I know there are plans for the thrall AI. I don't know what they are, but at the moment thralls are pitiful. Regardless of what these plans might be, I've got a concept idea for base thralls. Base in this case means thralls at your lair, not basic thralls.

Okay, imagine you've built up this awesome keep in a hostile PvP server, where you've got a good RP environment with little to no overt grief… Alright, well, instead imagine you've got a shack with some guard archers, and you've made an ally of a nearby clan. You'd like to bring them into your compound to trade without murdering them, bringing forth an endless cycle of vengeance and madness. Well. You can place walls to block line of dight for the thralls. I guess. How droll.

How about this: introduce a way to link thralls to the base, maybe give captains. Maybe a home anchor that you attach thralls to. Maybe just give you the power to say, "You, you, and you, follow me!" Whatever. The point is, it'd be nice to get your thralls to act more meaningfully civil.

Basically, get several settings of AI hostility. Maybe don't have a thrall start fighting unless it sees – or hears (please?) – some hooligans start wrecking the place. Or perhaps you've sworn a blood oath to eradicate those pesky Yog cannibals on the other side of the canyon, so hey thralls, go ham on them! The point is, we want the thralls to act like we'd expect.

A more technical breakdown: set thralls to passive, defensive, or aggressive. Allow triggers so that they'd refrain from attacking certain targets, or specifically aim to kill certain targets. Allow broad targeting, such as clan name, or ostrich (those Crom damned birds), or rabbits – because why? Also allow specific targets as kill on sight or ignore this dude, like character names, grey rhino (dear Mitra, not black rhinos!), Or that one hyena over there. That one. It's behind the locust. No, not that one! Oh for the sake of Set, that was a snake!

Anyway, it would be awesome. The end.

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