Suggestion: The gods protect low level clans from significantly higher level ones.

It can be really hard to get a foothold in Conan on a server older than a few days because you're so severely out geared and out leveled. What if there was a mechanic that fit in with the lore (to some extent, idk if the gods are known for caring about "fairness").

Here's my thought: – buildings built by players with a "raid-level" under level 23 are protected in some manner from players with a raid-level above 23. – I'm thinking if a higher level attacks a low level building it either doesn't do damage or hurts the higher level in some way. Maybe damage to the building is significantly reduced and it hurts the high level. – a players raid-level is equal to their level, or the highest level player they've associated with. So the highest level player they've ever been in a clan with or who has been in a clan they've been in. The point being to try to avoid just having lower level clan members run amok with gear from higher levels, or creating bases immune to other high levels. – because of the obvious exploitability, maybe raid-level is tied to your account per server, and wipes with rest of the server. – because this has some implications to claiming territory in competitive areas, maybe this effect only works in lower level areas. Maybe just on the west side of the river or something. – this of course gets rid of basically all danger to lower level groups, so maybe there needs to be a cheaper way for other low levels to attack.


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