Suggestion – Tagging resources

I didn't manage to get myself a closed beta invite, unfortunately, but I intend to give this game a go when it comes to the Open Beta, but one of my biggest gripes so far while watching clips of it online is that your entire squad queues up and places the exact same tracker into the exact same resource crate over and over again… How unreliable are your trackers that you need to have 4 of them inside each oil barrel to make sure you keep tabs on it!

Can there not be a feature that if a squadmate within 500m of you tags supplies it registers for you too? What if you are on overwatch while your mates clear a village out? Do you have to drag your ass down the hill to tag the already-tagged-by-your-squad supply cashes? How pointless and non-intuitive is that? If the game is a cooperative experience then mission objectives completed by a squadmate should be completed by all squadmates in the vicinity.

I can understand that if your squad splits up then simultaneously completing missions in completely different locations would be a bit odd/unbalanced, but this is daft.

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