Suggestion: Server controls what mods are loaded on connect and the client mod list should be a pool for servers to pull from

As someone who plays on a couple different servers, I've now started running into an annoyance with mods. The second of the two servers I play on has started to use a modified map with the grid system. The other server runs no mods currently, but is considering installing some mods.

To run on a server with mods you must have your client's mod list be identical to the server's modlist to connect. If it is not identical you get an error saying it must be. You then go to your modlist, select the appropriate mods, and then you have to restart your client for the modlist to take effect.

If both the servers I am playing on decide to load mods…I will now have to make sure I have all the right mods selected to be able to connect, or restart to correct my modlist. This is going to become a real pain if the mod lists starts becoming long.

Please change the way the modlist works. Please make it so that my client doesn't load mods until they are needed on the server. I still need to subscribe to the mods outside of game in Steam but it should be treated like a pool for servers to pull from. If a server requires certain mods, I get a list of which mod id's need to be loaded, my client then loads them and connects to the server.

Ideally I'd like to be able to be autosubscribed (and thus autodownloaded) to mods a server requires when I connect, but the above solution is better than what we currently have.

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