[Suggestion] ROPE! A player binding tool that can be used to kidnap or discipline.

Ok so I'm proposing an item that can be picked up on the deck like a bucket, but can only be picked up by a lvl 15 or higher. When in hand, you can use it on any player friend or foe. Using it on a player disarms them and binds their hands and feet.

  • This bound person can then be led by using another rope on them and walking away. they will follow within a 5 foot radius at the same speed. It's a rigid non-clipping direct line between the two players. No rope physics required. You stop leading them by switching to a tool like you would get rid of a bucket.

  • You can use a rope on a bound person and then any mast to tie them directly to the mast. (also consider adding binding points in the different cabins if you wanted to keep somebody there)

  • Ropes can be used for disciplining a bad team mate, kidnapping a enemy captain, or keeping pumpers from pumping.

  • Any bladed weapon body shot will cut the ropes first before doing damage. So freeing your team mate just takes 1 swing. Any projectile, including the tomahawk, will not break the ropes but instead will do damage as intended. There should be no modifier on the attacks from those weapons.

  • A bound player cannot move on their own. They cannot suicide, transfer captain, or give up any captain position they hold. They are stuck until freed/killed.

  • If a bound person is lead into the water they don't float, and die within 5 seconds of sinking.

I think this will add a lot of depth to the tactics and strategy in TDM and future Game Modes. It's super easy to thwart and requires teamwork to use as an effective attack. Because a player can't have a weapon and then switch to rope it means boarding a ship you will be unable to attack, only rope. If you are boarding a galleon you have to run across the deck down the stairs and past gunners to rope a pumper. You will be unable to defend that whole run. I see the main strategy as a way to kidnap/ kill a captain with a group of 3 in a boarding party. 2 ropers 1 defender. 1 binds captain then switches to defend, the other leads captain overboard or away from the action. Either way the ship is at a disadvantage.

The other way I see it being used is on team members who get in the way or troll the team. For example players who stand in front of the captain and actively try to block the captain's vision. While I know theres a kick feature, it sure does boost crew morale to tie up a trouble maker to the front bow of the ship. We'll just call it "lookout duty"


I always like to include what it will take to make a feature possible. My thinking is by doing the in-depth vision casting it would be a simple yes/no from a dev and then they have the req list.

  • Rope on ground model. Can even be added into a ship model and just be an actionable area like the buckets.

  • Rope in hand Model Legit just a coil of rope in the player's hand.

  • Bound Player Model a version of the player ragdoll like this with no weapons.

  • Bound Player Being Lead Pathfinding This would have to be different because the bound player can't/ won't jump. So a small limit for surmountable ledges needs to be made for bound player pathfinding or it's just up to the bound player to decide to jump. The first option requires more work but makes sense in gameplay mechanics. A simple option could be to take the leading player's position minus 2-3 steps. It wouldn't look as "pulling them along" but would make things simpler to code. I'm sure player location data is sent to the server from the client and then to other clients. So just have the bound client's motion slave to a leading client's motion -5 packets or chunks or whatever you guys do.

  • Player-Ship Binding Points Places the bound person can be tied to to keep them there. 1 person per binding point. Needs to be points where the point binding can be broken without breaking the player binding if they need to be moved. IE rope around the mast or a pole in the cabins.

  • Bound Player In Open Water Behavior bound players need to sink and die within 5 seconds. I'm not opposed to 5 seconds under water causing any bound player to sink whether on a ship or not. You DO have to protect your assets.

  • Bound Player Menu Lockout obviously they can leave the game, leave the server even. But bound players will have their suicide menu and captainship controls grayed out. I'm sure this is possible because the transfer captain also only works for a specific player type. so even if the menu can't be changed just an in-game alert "You can't do that while Bound!" will work because I'm sure the menu action goes through a player role check before activating.

  • Protect Bound players from Bladed Damage to body Divert damage from a blade direct at the body/legs to instead change the role of the player back to normal from bound. This should not effect guns and explosives and fire damage, but a difference in the damage types may have to be created if it hasn't been yet (I think it has). Any damage to the head's hitbox (even by blade) is registered normally.

Finally the important one:

  • Binding stops the bound player from continuing their action Whether pumping, captaining, Repairing, or ramroding, any action requiring the "E" RMB or LMB will be blocked. The easiest way I see to do this is to simulate a weaponswitch to an open hand and also activate the "backout" (s) action. Doing both of those will stop any action, and would be easy to implement. then just disabling the player from doing more actions is a player role permission like driving the ship when you aren't captain.

Considering gagging being a player mute option for bound players. This would be a higher level skill but would be very useful when dealing with trolls and kidnapping. If you like the idea let me know

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