Suggestion – Recover things in the Rubble.

Whether a structure was destroyed by weapons, a rhino, exploding jars or a god, all that destruction would realistically leave rubble which could be sifted through and some things salvaged. What if that could be implemented into the game?

First, the Deconstruct option in Building process would refund ALL mats of the thing you are trying to build, instead of just a fraction. So many times, I lose mats cus I placed a foundation in the wrong spot or a wall backwards. There are always tons of mistakes during the building process, and we shouldn't be penalized for trying to make our builds look awesome.

Second, when any wall, door, foundation piece, etc. is destroyed by outside force (not with the Deconstruct option), instead of just exploding into rubble and disappearing, it could drop a loot bag also with the equivalent of the current partial mats refund instead.

This would be favorable to both sides in a fight. 1. The attacking demolishers would be able to grab up loot bags, fill their inventories and run off. 2. The defending demolished would be able to recoup costs by sifting through the rubble for salvaged materials toward rebuilding. 3. The attacking demolishers might even demolish less because their looting needs would be satisfied sooner. 4. It would mean loot bags have to stick around longer to give time for demolishers to take their fill and leave so the defenders could come in and recoup.

Additionally, certain placeables might be able to be recovered fully intact, like trophy critter heads. Truly, I and many others would like it very much if certain placeables could be moved and shifted without having to be deconstructed and recrafted, like tables and chairs.

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