Suggestion: Races and racial traits.

I was really surprised with how many different ethnic groups are represented in Exiles from the Hyborean Age. Unfortunately, I was also surprised that there's little difference in the races. Does anyone know if this'll change in the future?

Right now, every race has access to every skin tone and every face, as well as every hairstyle. This sort of doesn't make sense, since each race in the Conan universe has its own phylogeny. There are concrete descriptions of what Cimmerians, Vanir/Aesir, Darfarians, etc look like, and there are assumptions about which real world ethnicity they borrow from. Just as the men of Nordheim wouldn't have dark skin, broad noses, etc, Darfarians and Kushites wouldn't have cornsilk hair and lily-white skin.

Stop me if this is already something that's planned, but can we get some actual racial phylogeny? Something to make each player really think about what race they choose, and things to make each race more unique? Racially-exclusive hairstyles, skin colors, crafting recipes, etc? (In particular, I'm kind of bummed that I can't make a character with the mud-styled hair horns that Darfarians are said to sometimes wear)

I think there's 5 or 6 faces for each gender right now, and all races share the same pool of skin tones. Maybe it's just the near-autistic lore nerd in me, but I'd like to see more refinement in that.

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