[Suggestion] Private Server tweaks/feature requests

Private server admin here. I love the game so far and so do all the users on the server I own. This post is more geared toward my experience as a Conan Exiles server admin.

  1. User/Admin White-listing

    We would like to see the ability to block all users except ones I've deemed can join via a white list. I'd also like the same ability for admins as well. Entering a password every join is not the way i'd like to control either.

  2. Server Config Properties/Parameters

    Can someone possibly post all of the different server config properties/parameters and what their descriptions are?

  3. Harvest Rates for specific items

    It would be nice to have the ability to change the rate of drops for each type of item. For example; I'd like the ability to change the rate at which bark is harvested, but not wood.

That's it for now. I'm hoping to get some feedback from other admins/users along with some input from the devs as well if Crom permits!

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