[suggestion] Player names are practically invisible and hamper PvP – Quickfixes suggested

At the moment, you need to stare someone deeply in the eyes to see a name for a brief moment. When I cross guild mates, we have to stop at one foot of each other (really), aim well, and stare to know… If you cross a moving player, the name might appear less than a second: too fast to be read. In PvP, it is a major issue and ridiculous and even for RP servers, it does not make sense. This is not an individual complaint: the clan I play with all complain about this as being a major issue that the devs can easily fix without making the game carebear.

Quickfixes – these are meant as immersive (realistic) :

  • Show tag-name a second longer when it is aimed, allowing our brains to get a glimpse of the name.
  • Make tag-names visible at about 10 feet in-game (more or less). It is reasonable that, when two people stare at each other at about 10 feet, they can recognize each other personally.

( Optionally, as a server option , show guild/clan name under the player name.)

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