Suggestion: Keeping Armour Sets (Semi-)Relevant

Apologies if this has already been adressed in one way or another by the devs, if it has been feel free to ignore this post.

Now before I attempt to explain my point I just want to say that I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be a big difference in armour value for the different sets, the higher level you get the more hits you should be able to take without going down.

However I do think it would benefit the game to keep the lower tier armour sets relevant even when you're already max level. Aside from having something to wear while you're reforging your high-tier armour the older stuff really doesn't serve much of a purpose which I think is a bit of a waste.

So here are a few suggestions (without going too indepth into balancing) to help keep the different armour sets useable throughout the leveling experience:

  • Make dodging/blocking/jumping use less stamina on lower tier sets (not quite useful yet but with a future combat update maybe?)
  • Make the hunger/thirst bar go down faster with higher tier armour (mostly a desert environment so I imagine you would use a lot more energy wearing that than some light cloth)
  • Increase draw speed on bows for lighter armour sets (once bows become a bit more useful I can imagine making the choice between going heavy melee or light ranged could add some depth to the game)
  • Increase gathering speed with lighter armour sets (controversial maybe but it once again could provide an interesting strategic choice)

Now those are just some things that popped up in my head while thinking about this 'issue' but I think it's a good one to consider as development of the game continues.

What are your ideas for keeping things relevant througout the game?

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