[Suggestion] Improvements for VGS “Enemy” calls

Hello all!

A while ago HiRez improved the VGS call for "Ultimate is ready!" and "Ultimate is down." by adding the current cooldown of the skill behind the text.

Now I've come to the idea, maybe it's possible to improve the similar calls, which can be made for the enemy ultimates, i. e. "Enemy ultimate incoming!" and "Enemy ultimate is down!".

Here's how:

Each god in a team must be assigned to a number (internal/programmatic). Since the order of the team is never the same, for example when pressing TAB the first god shown in the table of the enemy team is not always a guardian or an assassin, the god's name will be assigned to the number. The numbers are always static, ranging from 1 to 5 (depending on game mode and amount of players).

Sample scenario in a conquest match:

You are the Jungler of your team playing as Serquet. You attempt to gank the enemy Ra since he is currently on low health and all alone. On your way there you press TAB to open the current match statistics.

You see the enemy team gods in that window lined up like so:

  • susano (1)
  • ra (2)
  • bacchus (3)
  • tyr (4)
  • hu Yi (5)

Serquest ganks Ra in the middle lane. Knowing that he cannot escape at this point with such low HP, he wants to at least try to damage her as much as possible. Ra uses his ultimate and hits, but it was not enough to stop Serquet as she takes the kill. After escaping Serquet opens the VGS to say, that Ra's ultimate is now on cooldown by typing: VBD2

In chat now the following text appears: Enemy ultimate down! (Ra)

Note: The additional text, like in the personal "ultimate is down (time)" calls, is not spoken and only appears as additional info text.

I imagine this working well for the following "Enemy" calls:

VBA – Enemy ultimate incoming!

VBB – Enemies have returned to base.

VBD – Enemy ultimate down!

See Smite Gamepedia VGS reference here.

See example picture here.


  • could encourage people to use VGS more often.
  • players (who did it before) no longer need to write the name of the god after making such a call
  • improves the communication between players who are not in a premade/party communicating via comms (third-party software)
  • helps memorizing who's ultimate was used/is down of the enemy team for everyone in your team, therefore also being a good preparation for team fights/focusing targets/ganks etc.
  • extension is possible for calls of other types & variations in the VGS as well (must be evaluated)


  • players must adapt to the change and check the order of players through TAB-window every time UNLESS: The VGS would show the names of the gods plus the number that is to be pressed adaptively (string function – would be some coding work).

I see this possible, but what do you guys think?

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