Suggestion: Construction thralls and other thrall related ideas

  • Mason/Stonemason

Visit the stonemason thrall to craft building pieces with a reduced stone, brick, or hardened brick cost, and at increased speed.

  • Carpentry Mason

Visit the carpentry mason to craft building pieces at a reduced wood or shaped wood cost and at an increased speed.

  • Siege Mason

Visit the siege mason to craft building pieces at a reduced iron reinforcement or steel reinforcement cost, and at an increased speed.

  • Builder and Architect

Give your architect thrall a blueprint at his architecture bench, then "place" it on the world to have that architect's builder thralls craft and construct the blueprint at the desired location; all you need to do is provide the building materials and the thralls will complete your blueprint… eventually. They can only carry five pieces at a time, and will revisit the architect to receive more, before heading back to continue building

  • Fighter thrall pathing

You can assign patrol paths to your fighter thralls (and possibly archers), and even set their aggro radius.

  • Logger

Loggers chop wood and sticks for you from resource nodes, and deposit them into a designated chest.

  • Miner

Miners gather stone, iron, coal, wood, and bark, and deposit it into the designated chest.

  • Guard

Guards can be assigned to the outside of gates, and will pick up and throw any explosive jars placed near them. They will also attack anyone who gets too close to the gate they are guarding.

  • Trader/Courier

Trader/courier thralls send goods and resources VIA a cart to and from designated chests, and can travel the world to ship goods between bases.

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