Suggestion: Consolidate Crafting Trees

Does anyone else think the current crafting feat options are grouped poorly? I'm sure more crafting options will be added in the future so this seems like something that needs to be cleaned up and streamlined.

For example, why are the right and left slopped walls separate? Would you ever need one without the other? Why not group the three thatched roof pieces under one skill called "Thatch Roofing"?

Why do you have to learn each piece of armor separately instead of in a light, medium, and heavy feat? This is manageable for now but may become silly as more options are added.

Part of the issue I've run into at early levels is learning all of the sandstone blocks and light armor pieces.

Pre-level 10 you're just investing in basic tools and once you hit 10 a lot of more important things unlock like thrall taker, tanning, and carpentry. By the time you get around to having points to blow on sand stairs or light armor the tier 2 buildings and gear become available and then it seems like you may as just skip ahead.

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