[Suggestion] Buff the other melee weapons, give us a reason to pick them up

With the pan now becoming a god tier must have item (we are not worthy), it kind of makes all the other melee weapons obsolete and items that most people won’t bother picking it up.

So, IMO the rest of the melee weapons need some form “second ability”

• Crowbar – Car flip/repair

Car flipped? Pull out the crowbar and perform a 10 second action which would put the car back onto 4 wheels! This ideas a little wild, but I feel it’s a good association for the crowbar.

Using the crowbar on a damaged car, including broken wheels, would eventually take its health back to full.

After using the crowbar for either one of the above abilities, it would then break and leave the players inventory.

• Machete – Execution/charge attack

This would grant the player the ability to sneak up on a victim and perform a silent execution from behind, or execute them when they’re knocked out.

Another idea with this would be to allow the player to charge with the machete and either stab or heavy swing, dealing high damage.

• Sickle – ????

Not a clue with this one, best I can come up with the ability to clear foliage in an area, which is still very niche.

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