SUGGESTION: Architect Skill Unlock

I played for several hours today, duplicating several towers by hand in attempt to build a very menacing castle, and thought there has to be an easier way. A set of craftable items that could help in building would have fixed easy mistakes and streamlined workflow.

ARCHITECT I: "A skilled craftsman that specializes in buildings"

CUBIT RULER: "A string with knots in it used for measuring" When used, the player's can encircle a building (or parts of a building) and save the coordinates of snapped together materials to an architectural scroll.

ARCHITECTURAL SCROLL: "Used by architects to plan building construction"

When used, a ghost image of the recorded building (or building feature) may be placed in the world. Construction materials will auto-snap to the ghost image when attempting to place them on it. The Ghost image is only viewable by player with equipped SCROLL.

GROMA: "Plumbs suspended from a frame to help find right angles & straight lines" After applying a SCROLL, a player may place a ghost image of a building in the world. Other players in the clan can see it and may add building materials to the construction. Clan members can now see ghost image as long as GROMA is placed in the ground.

So, what do you guys think? Sure it will take some time to build the individual items, but I think in the long run they will be very useful tools.

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