[Suggestion] Add a single-player “time passed since last login” timer.

Currently, breaking thralls and making some of the higher end objects (looking at you iron reinforcements) takes a considerable amount of time, in some cases hours upon hours. In a server setting this is a non-issues since a server is always running a player can queue up a massive amount of production needs or put thralls on the WoP, go to bed/live life and come back many hours later to all of their tasks completed.

In SP this isn't the case at all, since once you log off your world that's it, it shuts down completely and all timers stop. If a solo player wants to queue up a few hundred iron reinforcements or enslaves a number of high tier slaves that player must remain logged into their world for the duration of each of these tasks making some of them downright cumbersome or impossible depending on how much time a player has to spend in game.

I highly suggest there be a timer added to SP worlds that do a quick check of the time passed between the last time it was booted, and the time it currently is. It could do something as simple as just checking local time and going from there. Then, once it's checked it applies "time passed" to in-progress productions, thralls and even food spoilage, anything that requires time passed basically other than player needs.

I feel if a system like this would be introduced it would vastly, vastly, improve the SP quality, as currently, beyond long periods of AFKing or admin commands, the SP experience is hampered by the time it requires for some actions to be complete.

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