Suggested Lawbringer buffs created by Comp For Honor Subreddit

Please, if you disagree with something on here feel free to downvote, but PLEASE explain your reasons for disagreeing. I do read each comment, and will remove things or change it if something is out of place or would make him too powerful.
Myself, an orochi main, a shugoki main, a PK main, and another Lawbringer main, as well as contributions done across reddit, created a list of buffs to Lawbringer that would not break him in 4v4 modes, and would mainly only benefit him in 1v1 scenarios where he is extremely lacking. I've shared this list with the Competitive For Honor subreddit and gained a very large consensus of agreement that these are balanced buffs and would bring Lawbringer up to viable tiers, not but OP. We are trying to get this into a wider audience for more discussion and possibly to get Ubisoft's attention with these suggestions.

  • Hyper armor on heavies. They are extremely slow. It even fits in with his lore character as having "unrivaled armor." A good suggestion if not all heavies has been to only give his heavies hyper armor if they follow a light attack. This would mean his Light>Heavy>Heavy combo only gets hyper armor on the second heavy that isn't unblockable, and his Heavy>Light>Heavy>Light(?) combo would only get it on the second heavy.
  • Lights that follow heavies do not interrupt combos when blocked? This one may be stretching his combo ability however. Should be tested thoroughly, but this is on the bottom of the barrel in terms of buffs as it really only applies to the Heavy>Light>Heavy combo. This combo is stopped almost all the time due to just blocking the light and not parrying it. If this is implemented, it will have no effect on the speed of the second heavy so it still will be easy to parry or block.
  • Shove combos into a weaker light similar to warlord's, conq's, nobushi's, or warden's. Currently shove does not combo into anything so there is really no need for anyone to attempt to dodge it if they aren't near a ledge
  • Shove will wall stun. Near a wall and lawbringer shoves you? Doesn't mean anything. This is a maybe, and not necessary. Conq's "soft" charge (i.e. dash shove, not heavy shove) will not wall stun, but other "shoves" will.
  • Standardize guard change speed including penalties
  • Side heavy off long arm, if not top heavy. All classes get a top heavy off standup animations such as valk's trip besides Lawbringer's long arm which only gets a light attack. The balance between risk and reward for this move is also very bad. If they dodge to the side they get a guaranteed GB off you and because you aren't moving anywhere while doing it (unlike conqs shield bash, raider's charge, shugo's charge, and warden's shoulder bash) there will never be a question as to IF they can GB you. The risk of it for only 15 damage is not worth it. In response to the 4v4 situation, perhaps make it so that after the person takes 1 hit they will instantly stand up and be able to block any further moves? This would also stop the "spam long arm while your team rails them" that people sometimes complain about.
  • Increase the speed of his feint. Currently it will only feint mid swing and some classes can feint fast enough to light attack in another direction before law finishes his feint Video of stuff like this happening
  • Stop people from being able to GB him out of his heavy startup frames. Some classes can feint then GB law right out of his heavy if he doesn't even try to feint it. I don't know if it's an issue of his window being too large or what, but being able to feint a heavy and then GB law no matter what he does is not okay. It basically cripples him into never attempting a parry otherwise being GB. Never being able to parry for LB basically means you get no damage as your attacks are slow enough to be parried by basically anyone.VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THIS HAPPENING JUST A MOMENT AGO
  • Allow Lawbringer to cancel his shove into GB. Currently he has no way to punish a conq shield bash, warden shoulder, nobushi kick, warlord headbash, or any other "shove" move because if he dodges, he has to either shove or wait long enough to GB but by the time he can GB the person will have recovered enough to CGB. There is also the issue of Warden's zone giving a guaranteed GB if blocked for every class except Lawbringer because he cannot wait long enough to GB after blocking before the warden recovers essentially meaning Lawbringer MUST parry this extremely fast move to punish it. A suggestion for this is to make shove happen on either holding GB or double tapping GB. Either would be better than never being able to GB instead of shove. The startup delay could be counter balanced by decreasing the recovery time. The better option of the two would be to have it be a held GB so it would not cause an indicator glitch where it shows the CGB indicator but then starts a shove. Could even make holding it larger charge it to shove farther similar to warden's shoulder bash?
  • Feint the AD MORTEM off parrying.
  • Fix Make Way after parry? Is it supposed to just be a normal zone attack?

The great thing is, nothing here will break him in 4v4 modes. It will only benefit him in 1v1 duel modes. Someone go get a ubisoft dev to look at this some time.

New combo that can be achieved if they do not dodge the shove:

  • Long arm > Heavy > Shove > Confirmed light dealing a total of 40 damage if it uses the reduced damage light similar to warlords
  • Parry > GB > Heavy > Shove > Confirmed Light dealing once again, 40 damage

A strange thing the devs said in the last livestream was doubling his shove distance? How would that even help him? That isn't the kind of buffs we need for him right now.

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