Such a relief to meet decent persons on Destiny

With all the salt and the t-bagging kids, it’s always a great relief to meet nice Guardians. Yesterday i was playing solo Skirmish and i loaded in a map with a fireteam of 3 on the opposing side. After the map started loading (i think it was Rusted Lands), the other two Guardians from my team left, so i ended up starting the game 1v3. I always stay in matches when this happens, since i don’t care about Elo ratings and this is a very good training for 1v3 scenarios in Trials.

I managed to hold the score difference in an acceptable margin after 3 minutes, when two other random Guardians joined the game and we won.

The guy i sent the “gg” message was an amazing striker Titan who wrecked me more than a couple of times with his shoulder charge and his skills. Although in the opening minute i was getiing gagged by them, he never t-bagged, never used emoticons aggressively. His skill level and his attitude obliged me to send him the “gg”, and i wasn’t dissapointed.

Guardians, always send a “gg” whenever you feel like someone deserves it. You never know who’s on the other side, and that might actually be a good thing

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