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So, I've had a couple of ideas of fun things to do around the community to keep us active on reddit and the game over its duration, I'm making this thread to give you guys a taste of some of the ideas I have, and to also see if you guys have anything that you can think of that would be fun for community type events that we could run here!

In the spirit of this being a new spin on Ghost Recon, I thought it would be fun for us to come up with our own Iron Man Challenge like they have in Dark Souls.

Everyone is free to add suggestions! I'll add the most common/upvoted ones to the main post. Here's what I was thinking so far:

Wildlands Community Iron Man

  • Extreme Difficulty

  • Minimal HUD (*)

  • No skills (besides Sync-Shot if playing Solo)

  • Restart on Death (Mission or Game?)

  • Starting Loadout

  • No use of Rebel Abilities

(*) Some things like not showing button tips were causing issues for players trying to interrogate or sync shot

Let me know what you all think! Also, after the game launches, I'll be starting bi-weekly themed missions called Community Ops. The link is to the test post I made from the Closed Beta to gauge response, I have a handful of ideas for these ops already, but also feel free to add them here, I'll make notes of them and if they end up getting used you'll be credited!

Afterthought: 4v4 PvP Tournaments would also be fun to do among the sub, could have one for each platform?

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