Strongholds – Change loot spawns to reflect environment

So looking ahead to Strongholds.

Could I please suggest loot spawns are situated in a more realistic setting to where those items are found in real life?

When was the last time you went to a supermarket or home depot type store and found Laminated Body Armor in staff lockers? Wouldn't it only be found in Police or Army facilities?

This is meant to be the USA, so why so little gun variations and vehicle variations?

You would expect to find vehicles you can drive in carparks, not in the middle of nowhere and many vehicles, not just one.

Why would you find tinned goods in Chiller Cabinets and not on shelves?

Ammunition comes in 10's, 20's, 30's not ones and twos.

You would expect to find axes and crowbars in tool chests or on display brackets in shops (like real life).

Bottled Water would normally be found in Fridges or on Pallets in stock areas.

Clothing left in various places should have different cloth number values to reflect the size of cloth, a hat = 2 cloth, a tee shirt = 8 cloth, trousers = 6 cloth, gloves =2 cloth.

When you kill a zombie and harvest it, you should be able to get what they are wearing as well as if they are carrying anything (as we do now).

Trees and Bushes should take more time to regrow, at least one in game day.

Could wrecks be dropped in crates?

Could wrecks disappear as they are scrapped for metal – say 10000 metal scraps and then poof removed from server?

Reduce zombie numbers over the length of the server period leading up to a pre-planned wipe / iteration – reflecting player interaction as the numbers of zombies are killed off?

So can you think of anything else?

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