Strong Builds and jealous players?

Okay here is the thing i am concerned about: it happened to me pretty often the last days that i got booted out of gamesessions by different hosts. why is it such a bad thing to have a strong build and to do more damage than the host? it doesnt matter if i use a kusarigama, dual swords or a katana. i use critical state to maximize my damage and i have to look at my hp to not get wrecked, so why are some ppl considering such a build as cheese when i dont even use living weapon? i dont rush enemys, i stay with the host, i even kill a ton of revenants if they want to but still i get booted out? are those players just jealous or do they think i am cheating? all i do is using intendet game mechanics named critical attack dmg, skill dmg, from behind dmg and set bonuses… i am frustrated by such players and at the moment this is destroying my over 250hours of gameplay in nioh. anyone else has these problems recently?

edit: it seems like it happens due to connection problems due to the message "connection lost" instead of "you have been removed" … maybe im not the only one who thought he got booted out by this message. or maybe the german translation was not that well chosen

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