Straws, Servers, Reddit, Hope.

I will make this very short and to the point for those who have TLDR resentments. I am on what one would call the "Last of the Straws".

I request from Daybreak that one new server be added to the Test Server List. A PVE Alternative which has the following Rule Sets.

  • No Base Building.
  • No Building Restrictions.
  • No Ping/Region Locking.
  • No Building on Pathways between Points of Interest.
  • No Ownership of anything you place in the World.
  • Increased Difficulty of Environment (Zombies, Wildlife, Weather Effects)
  • Server Stats for this new server that gives an Average of (Player Max Concurent Count over the Month/Total Hours Spent by Players playing on the Server)

Reddit Must Change its policies on the Z button and the Down Voting of Legitimate Topics and Discussions. The Z Button must become a Report Button. You should only be able to Up Vote your favorite Content and or Posts.

I Hope That All These Above Ideas Can Come True. But If This Post Gets Bellow The One Point I Put Into It… In A Week It Will Be The Second Post I Have Retracted And I Will Not Be Holding On To The "Straw" Anymore…

Thank You For Your Time 🙂

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