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Hey guys, this is a new series I'm doing, tell me if you like it. Every 15th, I'll make a post about the state of cards right now in the meta, going from commons-rares-epics-legendaries. All values discussed in this are assuming tournament standard, although we will specifically be talking about ladder interactions; tournament just helps give us a stat to start off of.

I will be giving cards their stance based on these 3 rankings: + for buff, – for nerf, and B for balanced. However, I won't be discussing how to nerf or buff cards to a drastic extent, as there are many options to nerf/buff a card that seem very controversial. I also won't be discussing cards that have NOT been released yet.

Now, let's get straight to business!



Bomber(+): Bomber is an underrated troop that does very high damage and has a nice splash radius. However, while he's strong in the lower arenas, as you get higher up options like Wizard, Baby Dragon, and other tankier options start to replace him, to the point where the only time you see him in Legendary Arena is in Royal Giant decks. As high as his damage is, he could definitely use a buff in range. That would make him a little more viable.

Archers(+ because bugs): Before this update archers were one of the most balanced cards in the game; a semi-spell resistant troop that was famous for countering Graveyard and high damage troops. However, this recent update has had quite a few glitches, and archers were one of the few hit with them. Now, both archers target the same skeleton, something that hopefully will get fixed, as it makes them near useless right now. After this, they will be able to effectively counter GY again.

Knight(B): One of the most balanced cards ever since the start of the game, Sir Toby has held strong and proud in tanking and taking out support with ease. He is a balanced card in both standards, no buff or nerf needed.

Spear Goblins(+): Once considered one of the most versatile commons in the game, Spear Goblins have fallen so hard that recently they made it on Clyde's tear list as an F-tier. Yes, tear is intentional. Previously they were used to counter Skarmy and various other units but the advent of the Ice Golem has limited their usage as another neutral counter to the Spear Gobs.

Goblins(B): As underused as they are, Goblins are a very balanced card. Their cousin, the Barrel, is considered one of the best cards in the game, not only for baiting, but also doing extremely high damage to a tower left unattended. Goblins themselves are balanced, as they can still survive an equal level zap, and make their commonplace in cycle decks.

Skeletons(B): Ever since the return of Ledoot, Skeletons have skyrocketed from being a low-tier card to one used by many. They still take skill to play, and in this meta, fit very nicely in cycle decks. Useful for taking out the Steroid Barbs and for golem decks, they fit very nicely into their niche.

Minions(B): Arguably the most balanced card in the game. Has survived every single meta. A high damage yet low HP card, this has its role as either a defense or zap-bait. Definitely no need of a buff or nerf.



Tesla(B): As underrated as this card is, it finally got its niche when true blue-red was fixed. Now the Royal Giant will target the Tesla, and the Tesla can take it out for a positive elixir trade. Like Cannon, it's very reactive, so it's going to be more of a skill card rather than an easy defense like the Inferno Tower.

Minion Horde(B): Like its cousin, Minions, it's perfectly balanced.

Fire Spirits(B)

Zap(B): Ever since the Zap nerf, we've been seeing less and less zap. People complained about it at first, but if you look back at it, Zap was used as a go-to card in every deck. It did need a nerf because of the terrible ebarb meta. It's still used a lot, especially when it's overleveled. Does not need a buff.

Mortar(+): It's just not an X-Bow. It takes considerably more skill to play for less reward. Probably making the shot actually hit its target would be a nice buff.

Elite Barbs(-): I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack on this, but hear me out.

Even as an ebarb user who runs fireball bait, I feel that they're still extremely strong in the lower arenas. These mean machines kill everything so fast, it is near impossible to counterpush. Most of its counters can be zapped/logged. A suggestion would be to reduce the hit speed to 1.4 seconds, and reduce its HP a little. This would make them high damage glass cannons, but not absolutely decimate everything.

Royal Giant(-): While the Royal Giant is balanced at tournament standards, due to equal level counters, on ladder he decimates lower levels. If you do not have the high levels of cards to counter him, then you will definitely have a problem. While people say he doesn't need a nerf because that will make him near useless, those people don't play Sparky, Lumberjack, Inferno Dragon, or other underused cards. People have said a deploy time nerf would be a good one to make him stop being a high wall of HP that acts as a win condition as well.

Ice Spirit(B)

Goblin Gang(B)


Fireball(B): The comeback fireball made was astounding after the poison nerf. Since then, although as a 3M user it pains me to see the amount of fireballs I face every match, indeed this rare spell is balanced.


Musketeer(B): Arguably one of the most balanced cards, does not need a buff/nerf at all.

Giant(B/-): Considered either to be balanced or slight nerfed, mainly because of his versatility as the top tank on ladder.

Anytime a support unit comes out, Giant is always the tank that's in front. That's the formula after all, support unit+Giant=Boom! New meta! While this makes Giant Versatile, this does too raise questions if he is too powerful. And while he's okay by himself, his compatibility with other win conditions makes him very powerful. Regardless, he does not need a buff, and if he gets a nerf, be it on HP.

Goblin Hut(+): The goblin hut has a hard time defending against pretty much anything. Merely because Furnace and Tombstone outclass it as high tier defenses. Especially ever since Bowler came out, this card has seen way less gameplay.

Valkyrie(+): Does need a buff in this meta. Although she has the highest HP out of all the 4 elixir troops, she should get a buff in either splash radius or damage, as the Bowler outclasses her in nearly every manner and she can't 2-shot guards that are 1 level higher than her. Moreover, the Ice Golem has taken her role in trifecta, therefore adding onto the need for a damage buff. This brave Valhallan redhead could use a bit more love. Not literally, I hope.


Bomb Tower(+): Despite the newest buffs, Bomb Tower does need some more to make it more playable on ladder. The increase in Minion usage still makes it kind of hard to play.


Barbarian Hut(B)

Hog Rider(B): Despite how much value he provides for only 4 elixir, Hog is a balanced win condition. He can't take a tower out by himself, as well as the fact that he still has less HP. While not as viable in higher Legendary, he is still a viable win condition in the lower Legendary and below.

Inferno Tower(B)

Wizard(+): A radius increase to 2 tiles would definitely make him more unique from the Executioner as a troop with less HP but more splash.

Furnace(-): As much as you can argue it, Furnace does need a nerf. It's one of the reasons Bomb Tower isn't meta; it targets air for it. It applies constant pressure onto a lane, defends way better than Goblin Hut can, and does a lot of damage to the Crown Tower; all from your side of the arena. Overleveled furnace along with Royal Giant, while circlejerk on this subreddit, still is a common occurrence on the ladder.

Elixir Collector(B)

Battle Ram(+): I've tried out this card myself, and it's great. Others who have used it would agree that it serves not as a win condition, but to destroy any defenses the opponent has for your main win condition. It is a battering ram, after all. However, it's also too fragile, getting countered by Ice Spirit and The Log. An HP buff would definitely make it more viable.

Mega Minion(B): Despite how much it's played, the Mega Minion is finally nerfed to the point of stability. A spell resistant glass cannon with high damage, but not very high DPS is common to tank Furnace shots, bait out Fireball, and versatile on defense.

3 Musketeers(B)

Ice Golem(B)

Dart Goblin(B/+): Until Supercell does a Miner update(buffing the card to make people start using it) on this card, DG is relatively balanced. It's underrated because it's hard to use, but can finish off a tower if you are not careful. A possible buff would be to slightly increase its damage, as Meta Minion still kills it, even from a long range.


Skeleton Army(B)

Baby Dragon(B): The balance update before the current one was arguably the best one. Baby Dragon went from being a D-Tier card to B. With his new range, he effectively destroys Spawners, and can now be kited without activating the Arena tower. He gets 1 extra hit due to his new range, which makes him a great card on offense now.


Witch(+): Despite how powerful she is in the lower arenas now, Witch still has a long way to go. The damage buff definitely made her more viable, but she still pales in comparison to other 5 elixir alternatives. A good buff would be to increase the number of times she spawns her Skeletons. This would make her a little more viable later on.


Goblin Barrel(B): Although it spawns an underused card, Goblin Barrel is one of the most used cards due to its very high damage for a low elixir card. Nevertheless, it's balanced because of the counters to this card. Not only that, there's nothing like watching you opponent play a defensive goblin barrel.


Giant Skeleton(B): As much as people say he needs a buff, he is very balanced. His role is not that of a Giant's, but rather to take out huge pushes.

X-Bow(B): The amount of counters to this card is insane. But because of its capacity to take out a full health tower by itself, this card is considered to be fairly balanced.

Rage(+): Rage does need a buff, preferably in percent of rate increase. It's very situational right now, but maybe an increase in attack speed would make it more viable.



Poison(B): After the goison meta, no one expected poison to make a comeback as big as it did. Right now, it's kinda close. Poison's buff made it far more viable than previously, but it's still balanced as a staple in control decks. While not offering instantaneous damage, it relies on chip damage to take out more HP at a cost of more time.

Mirror(B): This card made an insane rise in popularity after the +1 level buff. Level 14 goblin barrels are common at the top of the ladder, and the level interaction allows you to use epics you couldn't overlevel yet.



Dark Prince/Guards(+): These 2 are being lumped together because the buffs these 2 need are the same.

Guards were once upon a time one of the best epics in the game. However, slowly they've been sent to their grave-again. While Dark Prince was never fully meta, he still has a long way to go before he truly becomes deadly. Right now, people ignore him like a Baby Dragon pre-buff. A damage buff would make Guards more useful as a defensive card than they are now, and same with the Dark Prince.

Clone(+): This card may be the worst one in the game, due to its situational use and how much you may be sacrificing just to win a little more.

Bowler(-): Bowler takes the role of Valkyrie and Dark Prince-and does it way better. For only 1 more elixir, he's long-ranged, has knockback, and way more HP and damage. While he can keep his damage, a range reduction as well as an HP reduction would definitely allow Valkyrie and Dark Prince to have a fighting chance with the Bowler. Right now he just takes both of their roles.



Lava Hound(D): Ok, you're probably wondering, "Lak, why did you give this card a D rating? That's because Lava Hound's stability depends on the meta.

It depends so much on the meta because currently, it's the only air supertank. Other ground win conditions don't really go well with it because Lava Hound decks tend to be mostly air, with the exception of swarms, miner, and Valkyrie. Currently, it's balanced as a 7 elixir tank with Death effect, but once again, it depends on what the meta is.

Inferno Dragon(+): Despite how gamebreaking this card sounded at first, it really isn't. It merely gets distracted too easily and countered too quickly. A significant damage increase would allow it to melt troops far quicker and really fulfill its status of being legendary.

Graveyard(B/-): While Graveyard can be countered for positive elixir trades, its compatibility with spells make people complain for a nerf. Graveyard-Freeze is one combo in particular. Not to mention its versatility with the Giant. And as annoying as it can be, Graveyard by itself is pretty underwhelming. However, its absolute synergy with other spells definitely makes it a powerful legendary.

Ice Wizard(B)



Sparky(+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++): Yes. This card has been driven hard into the ground with each new card coming out. One plus sign isn't enough to express how bad this card is right now. Forget a buff; she needs an absolute rework.


Electro Wizard(B)

Lumberjack(+): As good as the rage consistency update was, it wasn't enough to save his falling popularity. He needs either an HP or a damage buff so he can 1-shot princesses to be a bit more viable than his beefy cousin, the Elite Barbarian.

Well, that's the list of cards that are currently balanced! If you would like more of these lists, comment below and I'll make one next month!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Put them below and I'll answer.

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