Story time..

So I have a little base near the river, I had all the essentials, furnace, blacksmith etc. I made another little room infront of my base, I then went out and pissed off one of the full geared guys who I know live around me. He punch him and he chases me back to my little room, I purposly don't shut the door, he follows me in, I then lock him in the room, he kills me, which is fine, I re spawn and torture the guy as I know he cannot leave, and he will slowly die of either starvation or thirst. 15 minutes pass, he's still kicking, for some reason the server restarts, I log back in about 15 minutes later, this guy has somehow glitched out of the room (when you join a server walls are temporally invisible) and he has brought his entire clan of 5 down, who all bring rhinos and shit, completely destroying everything last thing in my base. I guess this is karma, right?

TLDR; Rhinos destroying sandstone should be nerfed

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