Story time: The beauty of an unscripted open world.

Last night playing with the girlfriend we came across an enemy encampment that had a crane while flying around. She's enjoyed sniping a great deal in Wildlands, so I decided to drop her off on the crane to literally rain death on this camp. Almost immediately the Lieutenant hops in a car and takes off. Not on my watch.

What ensues is a heli-car chase along mountain cliff roads, through two zones. At one point I put the chopper on the road in front of him and hop out to damage his vehicle, only to find him turn around and take another road. We pass enough enemy fortifications that I have to land my chopper while it's still a voluntary choice, grab a car, and continue the chase. I finally get my moment, and spin him into a stone wall on a hair pin turn. Out of the car, I fire off a few warning shots to make him cower just as an enemy patrol coming from the opposite direction takes notice and rams my empty vehicle, crushing and killing me. Lieutenant lives to flee another day.

I wasn't even mad. Plenty of games give you beautiful, but scripted, campaigns and stories. It's a fun, exciting ride but it's just that, a ride. You follow the carefully laid tracks, you have the same good time that every other player has with a bit of variance here and there. But that's not Wildlands, and that's where the true potential greatness in this game lies. A hundred people can accomplish the same missions in a hundred different ways, the epic stuff that you do is because you did it and not because the game led you there. It's not a perfect game by any means, but don't miss out on good because you're looking for perfect.

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