Stop freaking out

Folks, let's take a knee here for a second and catch a breather.

For Honor has been out for almost a month. In that time there's been a lot of discovery and amazing meme videos come out of this subreddit.

It's been a blast seeing this game grow and it's still so fun even after taking a break or after binging 80 hours into it. I'm happy for all the new friends and enemies we've made and salty messages we've received, but now we need to take a second and realise that there are too many here that are overreacting and blowing small things out of proportion.

The very reason I wrote this out is because of a thread saying we need to be scared because we can't finish a community event. That wasn't the part that got me weary, it's the traction that it has gained in this subreddit and community as a whole.

"Ubisoft has lost its grip and this game is going to be lost to people that don't care about it anymore"

" This game is already dead and no one is playing it"

These are words being spread through fear. Fear that we're gonna lose out on something we all enjoy, but folks we haven't lost anything!

And shame on those that think that this train stops anytime soon.

To prove that point, we can look at the Ubisoft lineup for future expansions. We've already had leaks of new heroes and they look bad fucking ass!

We know new maps/emotes/loot/ornaments/executions are coming out. We've seen hints of it already.

Look back at rainbow six siege, it's a game that is STILL a hallmark of what Ubisoft can make that is so ENGROSSING even after hours of play I can jump back in and have tense moments where I catch my breath. It's an experience you CANT GET ANYWHERE ELSE.

For Honor is the same, it's that Goliath rollercoaster at six flags that you just want to ride over and over again, the one that has no equal to it it's just so damn fun!

Secondly, to those that cry out that this game is dead because we can't finish a community event, how blinded are you by fear that you can't see that For Honor isn't the only thing in existence?

In just last week alone the Nintendo switch dropped with the new Zelda, as well as the much hyped and highly rated Horizon Zero dawn, on top of that I believe the new Tom Clancy wild lands had its beta this past weekend or week.

My point is, there are other games out there. There always will be, but what keeps us coming back is unique. Is something we can't find in any single player Adventure.

It's only in For Honor that we can experience what it's like to RAH! In the face of death.

So grow a pair and relax, this bus isn't stopping anytime soon.

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