Steam version releasing on March 7th, according to Play-Asia and newegg.

EDIT1: Just questioned Play-Asia on facebook and their reply was "please be informed that we got the confirmation for the stock from our suppliers".

EDIT2: Play-Asia's news article has been edited and it no longer mentions Nier. But the store page still says it's releasing on March 7th. They might have forgotten to edit that one out, though.

Original Post:

saw this just now on P-A's news section: (EUR)

newegg still has March 7th release: (USA)

Can we trust them? Never pre-ordered from them, so idk how often they list items with wrong release dates, especially when it's this close.

This other place (sorry, i've never heard of them. not sure if they're legit) has a release date of march 10th. Which still sounds pretty good. (RoW?)

Opencritic also lists the game for the 10th:

Not sure if i should get my hopes high just to get them crushed or not…

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