State of the Faction War: Deploying Assets per round is useless. Can this be upvoted to attract Ubisoft’s attention please?

One of the biggest mechanics in For Honor is the Faction War. I mean, everyone is entirely divided by Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Everyone is creating memes, friendly name calling, etc. I would say there is a lot of friendly competition among players aligned in their specific faction. People are slightly immersed in their faction, and it's fun.

However, participating in the Faction War per round, RIGHT NOW, is useless. It's more of a bragging right at this point and it's quickly losing it's appeal. We have this huge mechanic, the Faction War, but there are no incentives for like 2 weeks, right? THERE NEEDS TO BE INCENTIVES, NOW!

A few ideas have come to up from my post in the Knights Subreddit.

First, for every 7 hour round, the winning Faction should receive anywhere between 100-300 Steel.


For every territory owned, the winning faction receives 10-20 Steel.


For every territory GAINED, the winning faction receives around 50 Steel.

Hey, all suggestions for the Faction War are welcome, and l really hope this gains attention. The Faction War is clearly broken right now, and providing some sort of incentive for at least the 7 hour round would be a MAJOR improvement. I also personally think 10 weeks for each season is way too long. Why not 4 weeks? Each round should be 1 week. Just thoughts.


SunKing in the comments brings up a good point. There is also no serious point in being Faction aligned and the players you use to play. Again, there should be an incentive for your assets if you are Knight aligned, and played a game using a Knight. Maybe a bonus increase in assets, experience, OR steel after each round, even if it's minimal. Maybe even go as far as having a tiny deduction in assets if you are, let's say, Knight aligned but played a Viking.

All the more reason why Rounds and Seasons should be shorter. At the end of the Season, allow players to change factions without a major consequence, but only through a grace period between Seasons. This would allow players to try their Faction Heroes in an appropriate time, with incentive, before switching Factions to try new Heroes, and receive same Faction incentives.

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