[SPOILERS] Was this really the best possible option?

I spent a while wondering about Project Zero Dawn. When I first heard what it was about I went through the same motions as the people learning about it for the first time. Really? This is what you guys been working on?

So here are my few cents. At first, I thought humans had no chance of survival. Like this is it, the earth biomass is depleted in 15 months the game is over, only a machine can survive this hence why build GAIA. That would make sense.

Then we learn that humans started building out underground bunkers (there is a mention of at least 3 that would sustain life after the apocalypse) in which they can easily live out the rest of their lives. Timeout.

If you can build bunkers for people why make everyone outside die so you can build a fancy machine to restore earth if you can, you know survive through that time underground and rebuild it yourself? Why instead of building this whole bunker system for GAIA off the bat you build an underground facility with enough stuff in it to continue expansion and sustain life (I'm sure there are ways to grow food underground and you certainly can get water especially in the future, you can also obtain resources if necessary). Heck if you do it well enough you can even build GAIA in it, underground after the apocalypse, to crack the shut-down codes and restore life outside. Have a full control over it the whole time so HADES doesn't just go rouge on people. I guess you would still have to lie to people have them make a humanities last stand and still only a small percentage would survive but I think if they devoted to protecting human life they could have saved a lot more than they did. Especially that it took only one person to be malicious for the whole thing to go south.

Instead of cradle facilities, they could be public bunkers people can fit into as well and try to survive until the earth is habitable again.

What are your guy's thoughts on the matter? Was Zero Dawn really the best possible solution?

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