(Spoilers up to ending A) I don’t understand the stakes…

<I normally get emotional very easily while playing games or reading books, but ending A left me pretty much stone-faced wondering why I should care. The reason? How death works. I think (and hope) I might be misunderstanding something…

In the lore, android data is saved on the bunker whenever possible. If an android dies, they simply get reborn using the latest data available, right?

So why is death a big concern? Take the attack squad from the introduction mission. One of YorHa soldier in the Bunker laments the death of her mentor and asks for a memento of her. But how could her mentor actually die? Shouldn't they simply be using the data from before the mission to revive her? Shouldn't dying not be a major issue at all?

And the same applies for ending A. Why the big drama? 9S was physically in the bunker an hour earlier; all he'd lose is one hour of his life at most, which consisted entirely of fighting. What's the big deal here?

I mean, I understand that they feel pain and that it must be a really bad experience. 2B having to kill 9S herself must be really hard for her emotionally, but does it really matter that much in the end? Sure, it sucks for her, but why the breakdown and the "Why does it always have to end this way?" It's not like after the introduction mission: there's been no bonding or special moments happening between her and 9S in the hour since 9S left the bunker.

The same idea applies throughout the game the entire game (well, at least up to where I am). For example, if 2B died during the fabulous "Become as gods" segment, couldn't they simply reload her from right before she entered the facility and everything would be just swell for her? I was more afraid for Pascal than 2B at that point.

This is robbing a lot of the tension and emotional impact of the game for me, and I'm hoping I just misunderstood how death work for Yohra members or that it all gets explained later. I understand that death is a concern for the resistance members, sympathetic robots and for outlaw Yohra, but for the protagonists and other "lawful" Yohra, why is death something we should actually care about?

If I'm misunderstanding any of this, please correct me! I really enjoy all the little stories, but I'm having a lot of problems caring for our protagonists survival when it seems to matter so little. If this is all explained later in the game, that's fine: just state so and I'll get to play it soon enough. I'm currently halfway through path B and I'm certainly planing to play all of it so I'm not looking for future spoilers. However, if it's something I missed or misunderstand, then I'd really appreciate the correction so that I can feel the emotional payback I'm supposed to feel. Thanks!>(/spoiler)

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