[Spoilers] Timeline of key events leading up to the start of the game.

Some times are vague or estimated but all is taken from in-game datapoints or dialog. I left out the tribal histories as a lot of that is revealed through the main story line and I don't have the all the Glyphs(plus the tribes don't use the Gregorian calendar)

2000s-2030s Environmental woes lead to many major catastrophes such as mass extinctions and the New Zealand Submergence

2033 Ted Faro drops out of UCLA and founds Faro Automated Solutions(FAS)

2038 FAS releases line of personal servitors and company rises to Fortune 50 status.

2040 Elizabet Sobeck joins FAS

2040 FAS Begins making Green/Cleanup bots

March 2041 Odyssey mission is announced.

2048 FAS begins making automated combat systems. Sobeck resigns.

2051 Odyssey engines are ready to install.

2053 FAS dominates the global military market

July 7, 2057 Odyssey is publicly abandoned. Ship is left in orbit, staff is fired.

Early 2060s Odyssey project is restarted under new corporation, Far Zenith

2063 Hartz-Timor swarm goes rogue

Oct 31, 2064 Faro brings in Sobeck to discuss rogue swarm

Nov 1, 2064 Sobeck confirms issue is catastrophic and unstoppable

Nov 3, 2064 Sobeck proposes Zero Dawn

April 2065 Far Zenith announces Odyssey is complete and ready for a July launch

June 5th, 2065 Ted Faro insists a killswitch be installed on GAIA, GAIA agrees.

Jan 2066 GAIA Ready to move to GAIA Prime installation.

Jan 2066 Apollo locked down for final installation.

Sometime later in 2066 GAIA prime installation completed

Less than 6 hours later Elizabet Sobeck sacrifices herself to manual lock a malfuncitoning seal on GAIA Prime.

Some unknown time and year after that Ted Faro deletes the Apollo archives and kills the Alphas housed in GAIA Prime.

March 16, 2326 Humans reintroduced to the environment

Aug 26th, 3020 GAIA receives override from unknown source. HADES is awakened, GAIA initiates Sobeck cloning and prepares for self-destruct. Before self-destruct completes, Sub functions are rendered self-aware and are severed from GAIA control allowing their escape. HEPHAESTUS identifies Human populations as a risk and begins producing violent machines.

April 4th, 3021 Aloy is born and placed outside the cradle.

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