[Spoilers] Spoilers from Nier Concert recital drama including a new Ending

Nier Concert Spoilers

There are 5 new stories which were read by original voice actors during each of the 5 concerts.

  • 1st story is about previous 2B/9S interactions
  • 2nd story is about the creation of YoRHa with somewhat new characters
  • 3rd story is about 2B/9S previous encounter with A2
  • 4th story is about explaining some of the character thoughts mainly during route C with some added scenes
  • 5th story is about what happened presumably after ending C


The script book for those stories is extremely limited and was given to people by some kind of lottery. Apparently, it was asked not to share or translate its content. But as we are on the internet – leaks happened.


As it is easier to update and share, I compiled everything we know so far into this Paste:

Link: https://pastebin.com/kJx42ddA

Right now we don't have a full original script and it is unknown when it will be leaked in the future.

A Chinese fan got himself a copy of the script and translated it to Chinese. Right now it looks like it is legit with several photos of the original JP script confirming its content.


Huge thanks to /u/theByacho for translating 4th and 5th stories to English.

We still need a translation from Chinese of the first 3 stories.

So if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.



Please don't overreact to this new ending. For now, we don't know official position of Yoko Taro on it.

However, as everything is canon, we can't just ignore its existence either.

There will most likely be more information about it from Yoko Taro in a talk show next week.


To anyone who for some reason thinks that Yoko Taro is ruining Ending E, consider this:

  • The 5th story, as well as end of 4th(9S most likely suicided after being unlinked from the network by A2 and destroyed his consciousness completely), imply that it is a continuation of Ending C with its own variation of E where only 2B was fully rebuilt and 9S was only repaired, A2 wasn't mentioned alive at all
  • 2B was killed by A2 so she wasn't completely destroyed by the virus, unlike 9S
  • 9S last memories mentioning that he rejected Ark invite. We don't know the exact timing of this invite as it could've happened before A2 fight or at least before her "rescuing" him
  • The wreckage of the Ark is found in the Tower rubbles
  • 2B scavenges the ruins of the Ark for its memory core
  • A2 is dead and Pods didn't even try to rebuild her as they found her body(which she got only 1)
  • Pod 153 acted like a cold bitch in contrast to her in Ending E and a new story from Strategy Guide with a very formal

    Pod 153: "Proposal: Consider disposing of the body of YoRHa unit 9S."

  • The script ends with utmost nihilism, how everything was useless and "meaningless"

  • Pod 153 last lines are exactly the same as her lines right after Ending E credits. But with this script, there was no continuation and no cycles were broken.

  • Ending C is named "Meaningless ode"



Feel free to suggest adding new information as I most likely missed something.

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