[Spoilers] Possible insight into Ted Faro.

After playing through the game and watching a few let's plays, I noticed something about Faro. Once you get to Maker's End and enter the Faro Automations building You'll find an audio log of Faro talking to his engineers/team telling them they're gonna switch focus and go back to building human run technologies and weapons and to trust him. I presumed this was after the glitch manifested and he was trying to get a head start combating the machines. Listening to it again I think it occurs before the glitch occurs. Later on in his office Elisabeth Sobeck is threatening him that she will tell the generals the real reason for the glitch unless he approves Zero Dawn. The reason for the glitch and Ted switching FAS focus to non-automated technologies. I think Ted Faro is a greedy bastard and after having a monopoly on automated weapons got more greedy and created the glitch to artificially start a machine-human war, where FAS will supply the weapons and supply to combat the machines. He probably always thought he would have control over the machines, let the win here and there and eventually shut them down, however that's not what happen. There's not much evidence for this but still enough to give it plausibility.

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