*SPOILERS* My theory on Drakengard to NierAutomata history. Plz comment!

Hello there, again: BIG SPOILERS.

I just created an account on reddit to post this; after completing Nier Automata with all endings and trophies today, I got completely crazy over the lore (as I also finished Drakengard 1,2 and got all trophies in Drakengard 3 and Nier). This is just a heas-up, so you all know where I'm coming from.

tbh I haven't read through all of the Grimoire Nier files, I mostly got my information out of the games themselves.

But let's get to the point: I think that everything (not life, but all the weird stuff) in this universe started with the arrival of the aliens. I'm not sure if their intensions were good or bad, but it's indicated that they were friendly at first (Angel's folly weapon discription). This theory can only be true, if my second theory is also true: the games are stuck in a time loop.

It always irritated me that there were several endings, branches etc., but it's possible that when time is repeating itself, different outcomes may happen.

So why am I coming up with this? Here are my indicators, gathered from my gaming experience and picked up randomly on the internet):

  • my weirdest theory firstly: at some point during the war between the machines and the earthlings (or after NA), one of the mostly destroyed cities is sent back in time (either by aliens or the androids/replicants/emil?). With it comes the alien element, some androids and maybe some other rubble. This is the city appearing in the past in DG3 and DG1.

It's the reason all the glyphs and magic rings look the same in all time periods. It's not magic, it's not songs, it is code! It is the logic virus from the red girls and other code from machines. That is why the empire in DG1 has almost the same logo on the flags like eve on his chest. The codes recreates the process used against Yorha.

  • adam is created by the machines / Birthscene. After his death, he replicates himself (adam & eve). Same replication process as Zero's in DG3. So the "flower" in Zero's case are the machines in Adam's case (it's in his "genes" to replicate himself)

  • aliens brought the new element to earth, not on purpose, but just becuase they are from somewhere else. It's not magic, just from outer space!

  • the machines constructed the first twin-sytem (red girls), they were the very first watchers. that's what eve's tattoo shows.

  • the machines create the "red eye army" fo the first time in NA (NierAutomata). Yorha and machines have the same red eyes as the soldies in DG1.

  • Accord in DG3 seems to use a time travel mechanic. Maybe she's one of the androids who worked on sending the city back in time. Now these andorids see that they fucked up and try to find the "right" time branch to fix the mess.

  • The logic virus evolved to infect humans in order to spread. that's how zero got infected.

  • Adam calls the aliens "plants", that's a hint towards the aliens/flower origin connection.

  • I have no idea about the dragons' origins, but maybe they were created by androids, as they are the anti-virus to the red girls' code. As only dragons can destroy zero and/or the flower.

  • my timeline would ne: NA – DG3 – DG1 – (DG2) – Nier – NA – DG3 and so on

  • in short: the whole magic and gods stuff in DG1 to DG3 is just highly advanced code, in a mixture of alien technology and machine created lifeforms (like Adam and Eve).

  • maybe this is why Project Gestalt worked in the first place, because humans at that time weren't humans anymore, but as a result of the intermixing between androids, machines and code from the futute they were already half-machine. That's why separating mind from body was even possible.

For now, I think Accord's presence in DG3 and the code/song in all the games are my strongest points here. But maybe I'm full of shit and this all completely wrong.

Please let me know what you think, I have been thinking about this stuff all day and I need feedback. Aaaaand I'm little blazed as well, so don't be mad if can't be more specific.

Thanks for reading.

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