(Spoilers) I’m post-Ending E, but have problems. Help! (Compilation thread.)

Since I'm pretty much done, and Destiny is about to drop new content, I figured I'd collate the useful stuff I've discovered and shared over the past couple of days before I disappear, for quick reference. Feel free to plagiarise, distribute, etc.

Huge thanks to the people here that I've played and explored alongside. It's been an amazing experience cracking this game. Let's hope for more from Taro-san soon!

All the best, nine.

  • (Ending K) I sold my mackerel, how do I get it back again?

From Chapter Select: 1) Repeat Chapter 05-04. 2) Report to Jackass. 3) Teleport to the Bunker. 4) Report to the Commander. 5) Read the email from Jackass. 6) Teleport to the Desert Camp. 7) Report to Jackass.

  • (Ending Y) I killed the second Lv.99 boss first time, am I screwed?

Currently? Yes. Buy the trophy from the Strange Woman in the Resistance Camp if that's all you need for the Platinum. With luck, the ability to repeat the fight will come in a later patch. If you're a trophy purist, perhaps wait and see?

  • (Ending Titles) Part of me wants to sacrifice my save data for the experience, but I don't want to start over. Can I use a memory stick or PSN+ to back my save up and then restore it again?

Yes. If you want to keep the alternative title screen, only restore the save files, not the game data file.

  • (World) About those Apologetic Machines…

As of time of writing, (with a 100% save file,) they're inaccessible, and not tied to accessories, such as Emil's Head, or remote controlling a particular machine. The general consensus on my side is that they're for DLC/forthcoming content.

  • (Accessories) How do I get Adam's Glasses?

In the very first area of the city that you enter as 2B, consider the highest building that you've been to. Then go higher. (Spoiler: look for the ladder.) You'll know you're in the right place when you find Adam and Eve's table. You need to be on one of the last chapters in the game.

  • (Boxes) There's a box near the Factory: Furnace entrance, on a platform behind a broken staircase. How do I get it?

With Engine Blade: Jump + Attack. Jump. Jump + Hack. Pod skill: Mirage. (Start the skill as the Jump + Hack animation starts.) Dodge (and hope.)

It helps if you're pointing towards the angled staircase, so you bounce off it back in the other direction.

  • (Pod Power Up) Where do Elaborate Gadgets come from?

Hidden gathering points, (there is at least one definitely in the main Desert, on the right hand side on the path of the broken oil pipe that circles the area,) and quest rewards. If you're waiting to upgrade your final Pod, you'll get enough Elaborate Gadgets from 4S's quest, "Reconnaissance Squad."

  • (Pod Power Up) Where do Complex Gadgets come from?

Repeat the Weapon Dealer's quest.

  • (Pod Power Up) Where do Pod Powerup L materials come from?

A2's Tower exploration. Alternatively, kill the rabbit, (reloading the chapter to farm.)

  • (Fusing plugins) What do the diamonds mean on plugins?

A plugin marked with a diamond requires the least number of slots for that tier and class of plugin. Fuse diamond with diamond for optimal space.

  • (Fusing plugins) Can I fuse above +6?

Use the ravine machine, rather than the Resistance Camp NPC.

  • (Weapon Enhancement) Where can I get Pearls and Black Pearls from?

The clown vendor in the Amusement Park.

  • (Quests) Do you have a checklist for the side quests?

Here: https://redd.it/5wsvix

  • (Quests) I can't find "Machine Reconnaissance" or "Machine Reconnaissance II"?

See the comments in the checklist post for a detailed guide.

  • (Quests) I'm struggling to finish "Reconnaissance Squad." Do I need 100% Enemy Data intel?

No, but you do need all of the golden machines, both the Lv.99 bosses, and the killer bunny. Then load the later checkpoints, and trawl the world for Enhanced and EMP models to complete.

  • (Enemy Data) There's a killer bunny?

Keep hitting the golden rabbit statue in the entrance to the Amusement Park. It eventually wakes up, and is hackable. Alternative, hack one of the nearby mobs, and then you can hack it without hitting it first.

  • (Weapons) I killed the first Lv.99 boss, but didn't get his weapon. What gives?

You need to land a successful hack during the fight for them to drop.

  • (A2's Beserk mode.) It kills me too quickly – what's the point?

Combine A2's Berserk mode with Deadly Heal and Offensive Heal plugins. You can sustain the buff by constantly killing new mobs, and by causing damage. She is lethal if you use this mode correctly – a huge upgrade over 2B, and comparable to 9S's hacking.

  • (Frame rate) The hitching is killing me… What gives?

Turn the in-game Network setting to off to reduce it. Some of the hitching is actually caused by the game polling dead player information for the corpses, rather than from graphics rendering.

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