[Spoilers] I miss traditional dungeons in Breath of the wild…

This is obviously just my opinion, I'd love to hear if you agree or disagree and why. Before i say anything, I love this game, i can't stop playing it and have really enjoyed it so far. I've put over 20 hours in so far (i know that's not a lot compared to some people), much of that just exploring and running around, doing shrines and sidequests and it is one of my most favorite open world games already. I have also only completed the Goron and Zora divine beasts so i can't speak about the other two.

However, i really miss traditional Zelda dungeons. I was actually quite disappointed in the Goron and Zora divine beasts quests. I found they just lacked the amazing feel of traditional Zelda dungeons. They were also fairly easy and short considering how hard the game is and how expansive it is. I went into the Zora quests really excited for a new water temple, as Twilight Princesses and OoT's water temples are two of my favorite and I left really disappointed. I realize that the whole thing leading up to the divine beast is in a way the dungeon and this way it is much more similar to other RPG's stories like Elder Scrolls or Witcher. But dungeons are what made Zelda special.

On a related topic i also miss getting an item in the dungeon and using it to defeat the enemy and then being able to use it throughout the rest of the game. But i get that they wanted to change things up in the Zelda franchise.

Overall, I still LOVE this game, it still might turn out to be my favorite game of all time. With traditional dungeons, i think it would have easily beat Wind Waker and A Link to the Past for me, but as of right now I'm not sure.

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