[SPOILERS] I just beat the game and I have some thoughts.

  1. Emil is potentially the most powerful character in the series. WHY IS HE RUNNING A SHOP?

  2. Ending E was beautiful. Seeing everyone come together to help me… It meant something, even in this meaningless world.

  3. Did you guys do it? I know I hadn't completed every quest like I planned to, and you know, when I beat Nier I couldn't do it. When I was given the option I just couldn't, I shut down my console and never played again (Thought I always loved it for making me do that) but… Maybe it was because I was given the option to help someone else. Sacrificing all of my hard work, all 30+ hours I put into the game, throwing them all way to help someone else beat it, too? It was worth it.

  4. I genuinely wanted Humanity, somehow or someway, to return. To be reborn. To be given another chance. Yet, at the end, knowing that it was over, knowing that 2B, 9S, and A2 would be brought back, and knowing that humanity's reign truly is, once and for all, over… Well, I don't mind so much anymore. The Androids, while not exactly the same, they're a legacy. They're worth something. Maybe it's time we gave them, Humanity's child, a chance at a real life.

  5. Over the past year I've become something of a nihilist, though admittedly lately I've been rejecting the notion that there is no meaning in the world. I think the ending has solidified that shift, that notion. So what if Humanity, the Earth, and all of it don't have a purpose? Art still profound me, books still capture me, games still delight me, and I still love. That's enough meaning for me, you know? That's enough of a reason to care about this world we live in, even if it is a world of dolls, meaningless and hollow, a doll can still learn to love, I can still learn to be happy. So what if I don't have a purpose, if my life doesn't have a meaning? If the stars don't care whether I live or die, why should I care what they think? That's just my two cents, though.

Thank you Yoko Taro, thank you PlatinumGames, and most importantly… Thank you to all the people that played this wonderful game, as I'm sure you'll all save someone!

My voice may not reach you. But… We are all here with you. Earth.

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