[Spoilers] I found the Cypress Stick

I’ve been making a lot of weapon posts, huh? The Cypress Stick is the second crossover weapon in NieR: Automata. In this post, I will attempt to describe how to get it with minimal story spoilers, and then list its stats and weapon story.

The Cypress Stick needs some platforming to reach, like the Engine Blade. It is found on the arch closest to the castle moat in the Forest Zone. To reach it, you must move back to the furthest arch from the castle. One of the columns has been knocked over and is leaning against another. This makeshift ramp allows you to jump onto the furthest arch. (Use your pod to get more horizontal distance if you need it: tap R1 and X at the same time to fling yourself forward.) From here, you must cross between arches by jumping on the tops of the standing columns. The columns are very small targets, so use your pod kick for added precision. Hold X while in the air to grab your pod, then press Square at the same time to perform a spinning kick that lets you hover for a short while; your air movement becomes much more precise for the duration of the kick.

Here is its short description:

A stick made of cypress wood.

Here is its long description:

A stick made of cypress wood. Can hardly be called a weapon, but somehow grants courage to its user.

Here are its stats and weapon story:

Lv Attack Combo Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2 Weapon Story
1 60-80 Lt 4 Hv 1 I was in a dead sleep when mum started shouting. “Wakey-wakey!” she squawked. “Rise and shiiine! Today’s a very important day! Today’s your first visit to the castle!” …Annoying, right? But I got up anyway.
2 108-144 Lt 5 Hv 2 Critical + (Adds a critical-hit effect.) Today’s my 16th birthday, and I have an audience with the king. Mum’s apparently worried that he’ll charge me with some big important task, so she gave me a cypress stick for…some reason. Pffft. Like that’ll help.
3 168-224 Lt 6 Hv 3 Critical + (Adds a critical-hit effect.) As we walk to the castle, Mum keeps blabbing about how excited she is and how long she’s been waiting for this day. She’s told me this story a million and one times, so I just keep quiet like always.
4 228-304 Lt 7 Hv 3 Critical + (Adds a critical-hit effect.) Hero Sigil (Changes damage values and treasure chests.) When we arrive, I see my friend coming out of the castle. He’s 16, too, but his fearless gaze makes him look like a legendary hero-to-be. I’m sure he’s got a lot to live up to! MY dad’s just a carpenter, so I’ve got it easy, heh.

Finally, here is its weapon picture along with its weapon story.

Cypress Stick – Weapon Story

I have also updated my posts about the Engine Blade and a certain familiar weapon if you wish to see their full weapon stories, pictures and skill effects.

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