[Spoilers] Her dress, his **** and relationship theory.

When I stumbled upon this picture I suddenly got an awkward idea. But after a little bit of thinking this idea transformed into theory which I find quite interesting. So I decided to write about it here. I just want to share my thoughts and hear back from you. Maybe you have another theories?

Idea is: every time you see A2 in game she is almost 100% naked.

I went to youtubes for cutscenes with her. I also found this screenshot. Look at those lines and how clothes applied to model. Yes, I understand what this is just a game engine limitation and it was done in this way for saving some fps for us. But lets just bring some real-world physics to this and think about how this can be in "reality".

If you look at her model in game it looks like the only thing she has on her body is a corsage what covers her belly. Everything else is her naked skin. All this underwear and stockings are parts of her body. Her body was produced in this way. Her skin was designed in this way to match, for example, some woman image androids found in humans archives.

So, when you use that curtain you see completely naked 2B. And actually – why not? Androids does not need all this parts of human bodies. So they can replace them with "emulation" of panties and bras. So naked android will not embarrass human if they ever meet.

And another reason for this is what androids do not reproduce in a way humans do. They really do not need genitals. They do not breastfeed android babies. There is no such thing as android babies! And they are not sex slaves. They are servants, fighters, scouts, operators…

There is no "fuck" in androids world. They don't do this and they don't need this. They have no reproduction instinct and all that things what comes with this instinct into human beings.

So how this affects androids relationship? How this changes their concept of "love"? Personally I think what their feelings are more pure if compared to ours. Because they do not play this genitals games and they even don't know what are they all about.

And now, when I replay that **** scene in my head, I think more about its meaning. Obviously this was a 4th wall breaker and question was addressed to the player. It was so well executed so I got mind-BSOD at that moment. Yep, the first word what popped out of my mind was "fuck". But this was not comfortable at that moment. I spent several minutes staring at that question.

Maybe this was not true intentions of Yoko-san, but I think what this was a special point for a player where he can reconsider how exactly he is bound with game characters. Is this the same feeling as it was when he just pre-ordered the game?

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