[SPOILERS] [GUIDE] How to Farm Any Dragon’s Part

This is the combined version from my previous guide on how to farm dragon’s part from Dinraal, Naydra, & Farosh

General Preparation:

  1. Bring enough woods, we will need it to camp later
  2. Bring fire weapon or fire arrow if you don’t have it

Optional Skill:

  1. Unshockable Armor for Farosh, you can get it from upgraded Rubber Armor Set or Thunder Helm
  2. Unfreezable Armor for Naydra, you can get it from upgraded Snowquill Armor Set
  3. Fireproof Armor for Dinraal, you can get it from upgraded Flamebreaker Armor Set


If my location description below is not clear enough you can check some of

Zelda BOTW Dragon Location

(sorry for my LQ images)

Dinraal Spawn Location

  1. Go to Eldin Great Skeleton (it is northest area of Eldin’s Mountain)
  2. Stand on top of the skeleton’s head
  3. Bring out the wood and burn it then wait until morning
  4. Pay atention to the sky above, he will appear from there
  5. When he is near, use the updraft he caused and paraglide upward then shoot him in the horn/body/claw/fang

Naydra Spawn Location

Note: You have to complete Naydra’s Quest first or he will not spawning in this location

  1. Go to Lanayru Promenade (it is a water area east of Kakariko Village that looks like a panty)
  2. Stand on the cliff in the east part of this area facing the Mount Lanayru
  3. Bring out the wood and burn it then wait until morning
  4. Pay atention to the sky above the mountain, he will appear from there
  5. When he is near, jump off the cliff and paraglide toward him then shoot him in the his horn/body/claw/fang

Farosh Spawn Location

  1. Go to Lakeside Stable
  2. Sit by the cooking pot and wait until morning
  3. Immediately go to bridge and see the top waterfall on the left, Farosh will appear from there, if he didn’t show up until 06.00 AM then wait by the cooking pot again to next morning
  4. if he appear, Farosh will cross under the bridge, at that time you can jump when his head is near the bridge and shoot it using slo-mo arrow shoot for more accurate aim


  1. Dragon will drop item depend on which body part you shot, you can get scale/claw/fang/horn
  2. After you shoot the dragon part, you have to stay gliding and pay attention to the shiny body part you shoot and then glide to the drop place
  3. The easiest dragon to farm for me is Farosh, because it’s near a shrine so after you are chasing the dragon parts you can just fast travel to the shrine
  4. Farming Farosh’s Horn is the fastest way to get ‘mon’ point because one of the horn can be exchanged to 150 mon point
  5. Sometimes bug happens when the dragon appear, there is no updraft wind and all the arrow you shoot just pass through, you just have to wait until next morning by fire and try again
  6. Sometimes there is a bug that the dragon won’t appear in the appointed location even after wait until next morning for a few times, if this happens you have to travel to far area and then try again

uses of some dragon’s part

  1. horns can be used to upgrade Champion Tunic & Barbarian Set Armor
  2. like I said before you can exhange the horn for to 150 mon in Kilton’s shop, this is the best way to farm mon points
  3. sell horn in shop for 300 rupees
  4. cook it for critical rate increase, a scale will grant low duration, a claw grants medium, a fang grants high, and a Horn grants max

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