[SPOILERS] [Glitch?] Beware! A glitch destroyed all of my morale and kind of ruined the game for me.

If you haven't gotten what people are calling the "true end" I suggest you leave. The game's too good to spoil.

<So I had gotten to the credit sequence of Ending E where you have to play through the bullet hell section, and despite getting my ass handed to me several times by Square Enix I wanted to keep going without accepting help because I'm a masochistic trooper, I guess. I had gotten to the second Square Enix but after a few deaths the names listed after defeating the Sqaure Enix were suddenly invincible because all of my bullets would go through them. It thought this was weird since I could destroy them prior and the Square Enix before hand could be killed just fine, but I kept trying to dodge it all. After many attempts I assumed this was the game's way of saying, "Fuck you, accept help already" so I did, but when I accepted the help, the credits were still invincible leaving me in what was basically a soft lock. I was confused so I tried to see if this had happened to anyone or if this was planned or something, but I couldn't find anything about it and as a result inadvertently spoiled the choice that you have to make at the end. I then had no choice but to close the game, losing all the progress I had made into it by myself, which was really disheartening considering the effort I put into it. I guess I'm just unlucky to have this happen, but I'm glad it doesn't seem to be a common thing.

TD;DR During Ending E the credits became invincible and I couldn't beat it even with the help and as a result spoiled the game for myself trying to find out what happened and I cried like a big fat baby who needs his baba blanky.

Since I haven't seen anyone have the same issue I just wanted to talk about it here in the case that someone else also gets royally screwed over and also desperately searches the internet to see what the hell happened.

I enjoyed the game overall very much and have never seen a game take such strange direction, but I found it a refreshing and wonderful experience. It's just a shame that it had to end on such a sour note for myself. Right now I feel a bit too bitter about it to play anymore. I suppose later I'll pick myself back up and give it another go, but man, is it hard. I don't even consider myself good at games, it's more so that I try hard and have the time to keep trying, so I make the progress, just slowly and painfully. But I think that is kind of the point they're trying to get across sort of? That and altruism? Whatever, that's a different topic for a different thread I suppose.>(/spoiler)

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